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Gutter Cleaning gutters may be the most overlooked home maintenance job—
for obvious reasons. Most homeowners cannot see into their gutters, and are not aware of the
debris that can build up in them. Many do not realize the damage that clogged gutters can cause.
And even those homeowners who do understand the importance of maintaining clean and
functioning gutters shy away from the prospect of climbing on ladders or onto their roof to
undertake what can be a messy and even dangerous job.

Still, maintaining clean gutters is work that is too important to ignore. Gutters play a critical role in
moving rainwater away from your house where it can do no damage. If your gutters are clogged
with leaves, branches, shingle granules and other debris, they cannot function properly.
Rainwater, instead of running through the gutter system and down your rain spouts, will cascade
over your gutters and down exterior walls, possibly damaging landscaping but more importantly
saturating the ground around your foundation. In a worst-case but all too common scenario, the
water can weaken your foundation and enter your home, damaging the interior of your house and
promoting the growth of mold.

We recommend that most homes have their gutters cleaned once or twice per year—sometimes
more often for homes located in densely wooded areas where twigs and leaves can accumulate
quickly. B Clean Windows offers a gutter-cleaning service that removes all debris and asphalt
shingle particles from your gutters. Upon request, we can also flush your downspouts.

Don’t risk life or limb by climbing on ladders or clambering across your roof to tackle the messy
but important job of cleaning your gutters. Instead, call the pros at B Clean Windows and leave
the climbing, and cleaning, to us.

Clearing out Downspouts in Frisco TX

man on ladder dangerous unsafe

Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous task to undertake. Don’t make this costly mistake. Hire a professional.

Homeowners in and around Frisco tx often times will attempt to clear out the gutters and downspouts on their own. DIY projects are good for homeowners wanting to save a little money. But a trip to the emergency room is a lot more expensive. Call b Clean Windows today and scehdule our gutter cleaning service. 972-265-9506

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